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Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Backdoor Bonus of Creating a Great Client Experience

Yesterday we talked about how people are happier spending money on experiences than on “things.”  And when clients are happier, not only have you done your job well, there is also a cool bonus that comes from it: People refer their friends to a great experience more enthusiastically than they will a “thing.” In the […]

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Is Your Business A Cup of Coffee or A Coffee Shop?

For a long time, I thought businesses blithely threw around the word “experience” like college students throw around the word “epic.”  (Sorry kids, eating nachos on your roof at 2am is not actually “epic”).  It sounded like one of those meaningless, over-buzzed tagline fillers.  However, the coffee shop industry has proven me wrong.  Taking advantage […]

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Why Clients Always Want an 8×10, And What To Do About It | Part I

You’ve done it – created the perfect set of products for your clients.  Stunning albums.  Gaspworthy gallery wraps.  Split-image metal lustre images printed on recycled aluminum for heaven’s sake!  You shimmer with excitement when you send your product list to the client – only to receive the dreaded reply:  “Oh, I think we’ll just go […]

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