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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Should You Work For Free? | The 5 Kinds Of Photography Jobs

No, you shouldn’t work for free.  But that doesn’t mean you should get paid every time you pull out the camera. Lemme ‘splain. Imagine if Yo-Yo Ma only picked up his cello during a concert at which he was paid to play.  Preposterous, right?  The gentleman practices.  He practices by himself.  He practices with others.  […]

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The REAL Reason that Canon vs. Nikon Will Never Die

Want to ensure yourself hours of entertainment? Step One:  Log into any photography forum. Step Two:  Post these words:  “Nikon is better than Canon.”  Or vice versa.  It honestly doesn’t matter. Step Three: Watch the Internet go absolutely berzerk. Posts will be going up at 3am, people will literally lose sleep trying to prove or […]

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