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Come Tell Me About Yourself | De-Lurk Day 2014

What I love most about writing this blog is that I happen to have the best blog readers on the entire planet. If the Internet is a big city, full of glittering attractions alongside boring perfunctory necessities and weird subcultures, then I like to think of this blog as that favorite little bookstore-cafe. You know, […]

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Mental Health Maintenance for Business Owners

Note:  Physical health is more than just ‘not being ill,’ and so is mental health.  Sometimes people say “mental health” when they’re trying to put a supposedly more positive spin on “mental illness” – but it’s something we should all pay attention to.  The opinions in this post aren’t just directed toward those living with […]

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Your Panic Plan: Read Before You Need!

After my grandfather passed away, I found among his things a 1969 Army Field Manual titled: “Survival, Evasion, and Escape.” This curious volume details things a soldier would need to know if they fall behind enemy lines.  Everything from preparing muddy water for drinking, to organizing an escape from enemy transport, to fashioning a needle […]

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