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Mental Health Maintenance for Business Owners

Note:  Physical health is more than just ‘not being ill,’ and so is mental health.  Sometimes people say “mental health” when they’re trying to put a supposedly more positive spin on “mental illness” – but it’s something we should all pay attention to.  The opinions in this post aren’t just directed toward those living with […]

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Your Panic Plan: Read Before You Need!

After my grandfather passed away, I found among his things a 1969 Army Field Manual titled: “Survival, Evasion, and Escape.” This curious volume details things a soldier would need to know if they fall behind enemy lines.  Everything from preparing muddy water for drinking, to organizing an escape from enemy transport, to fashioning a needle […]

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You Know How You’re Afraid Of Marketing Because You’re Afraid People Will Be Annoyed? Here’s Your Annoy-Proof Marketing Plan.

So I’m standing there getting whipped by rain and thwapped in the face by a giant map of Vienna, and all I could think was “I couldn’t look more like a tourist.” Having spent a couple summers in the German-speaking world, I generally know how to avoid walking around with a “tourist” bullseye strapped to […]

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The Costs of a Traveling Photographer

You know that awkward re-entry when you get back from vacation, and you take a look at your ‘regular life’ to-do list and think “Um…. I’m supposed to get ALL of this done?  Like, today?” It’s as though you’ve forgotten how to be productive or something. No?  That’s just me? Okay.  Well, I’m still in […]

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