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Eye of the Storm

I’m aware that I’ve been slower than normal at getting posts up this July.  This is partially because of a two-week road trip I took, but I can’t blame that really (I wrote the Van Gogh post from the beach).  Blogging is as much playtime for me as any vacation activity I can think of.  […]

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A+ Education | Three Blogs To Browse

When I started in photography, I frantically hoarded blogs on Google Reader, as if some crucial bit of photography knowledge would slip through my fingers unless I stayed on top of those feeds!! As time passed, I found my mile-high mountain of blogs eroding down to some gems that consistently provide outstandingly useful, educational, and […]

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How To Live Your Passion: Stop Confusing Hobbies with Passions

I admit I once grew tired of people telling me:  “live your passion.”   Of all the vague, dime-store psychology directives, that is possibly the least useful.  What does it mean to ‘live your passion’?  What is a passion?  What would it look like to ‘live’ one?  Cut the fluff.  I need concrete steps, not poster-speak. […]

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