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“Pushy” Is A Marketing Excuse. Stop Using It.

Scene opens:  You’re at a beachfront lounge, waiting for a friend to arrive. (Play along with me for this one.  Your task:  To point your finger at the screen the moment you read something that would irritate you.  Simple.) You’re sitting at a table, enjoying the music.  Enter waiter. Waiter:  Would you care for a […]

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Selling the Future – Today

We face a big problem with what we sell. When we market our photography, we tell people we’re capturing memories – but memories they’ll want to have later.  We’re essentially selling the future.  We’re telling them, “trust us, these are going to be important to you in a few years.”  “Trust us, your wedding photos […]

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The Secret Side of Discounts

In 1875, a spectacled man named John Wanamaker bought an abandoned railroad freight depot and turned it into America’s first grand, dazzling department store. Like any big retailer, he had to hire more store clerks around Christmastime every year to accommodate the swell of holiday shoppers.  However, all the extra help became unnecessary in January […]

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