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Sales Do Not Have To Be Painful – Here’s Why

Most of us are not born salespeople.   In fact, if you’re anything like me, the very word “sales” makes you shudder.  You don’t want to feel like you’re taking people’s money.  You don’t want to pressure anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.  You just love your craft and want to share […]

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The Secret to Creating Profitable Promotions

To create a profitable promotion, you must accurately answer the following question:  What business am I REALLY in? Hint:  The answer is probably not ‘photography.’ To explain, let me introduce you to David Tuckerman.  He was the President of Distribution when New Line Cinema released the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, which means he’s a […]

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How to Get Over Your Fears and Raise Your Prices

 “At all levels of income, the typical response is that one needs 20% more to be happy.”  -Richard Easterlin The photographer’s equivalent to this statement is:  “Whatever you charge for your work, the typical response is that you’re 20% too expensive.”  Like clockwork, I’ve been told my photography is too expensive at $75, $100, $300, […]

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Selling Photography to Women | Part II

In Part I, we talked about how men and women might approach buying black slacks differently. Here’s the thing.  Women don’t just want to buy A pair of black slacks, they want THE pair of black slacks. (Keeping in mind the caveats of making generalizations about men and women):  Men search until they find a […]

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Selling Photography to Women | Part I

We talk to a lot of women in this profession, don’t we? Moms and brides tend to book the sessions.  They usually serve as the main contact point and are often the influential decision-maker in the sales process.  How can we take this into account when we decide how to book, interact with, and sell […]

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