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Why Do Some Images Stand Out Over Others? (Read Before Running Your Next Ad!)

You’ve got a fantastic promotion idea for your business.  It came to you in a flash of genius, you scribbled out the marketing copy, and have the ad platform all queued up. But when you go to design the ad….you simply cannot pick just one image. You know you need to show off the dream […]

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Kati - Jenika, yours is the only blog that never gets skimmed by me! Always an interesting perspective. Thanks for the ideas!

Rachael - Thanks for this incredibly helpful article. I’ve just taken your advice and done a critical review of my profile pictures as compared to other photographers on wedding websites, and (needless to say) I had some work to do. My new photos definitely stand out about the competition. Thanks!

Megan DiPiero - Great info! Perfect timing for my New Year promotional ads. Appreciate your advice as always!

Eric - I love how you can work in headlines like:

Gulp. Crap. There’s always a snag.

Well said, without being distracting. It’s exactly what goes through people’s minds when faced with a dilemma — and interesting that my shifting gaze settled upon these words.

Some folks use automatic features of website software which substitutes a photo from a list of photos each time the page is rendered. Your words help us see that the list of photos from which one is selected should have the elements you discuss considered when putting them in the list of candidates.

Good stuff, Jenika.


Samantha - Great points! Well written as well, I certainly didn’t skim through the article! Thanks so much for the info :)
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The_LovelyBee - This is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Brilliant, Shiny and just what I need at the moment! ;)
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Get Whatever You Want Without Arguing: The Magic Words

It’s when a client does something that feels scuzzy. Something that isn’t technically against your contract, but you’re still pushpins-in-your-pants uncomfortable with it. Or when you go buy something at a store, then get home and realize that the coupon (which was the whole reason you bought the item) is still folded neatly at the […]

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Charlotte Reeves - Simple but fantastic advice! My partner actually uses this ALL the time; to me, to his customers (he’s a mechanic) and it really works.
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Debi - What great advice! I am definitely going to try this out. I’m usually fairly fairly good at diffusing situations, but I really like this tactic. Thank you for sharing this.

Holli - Such simple, sound advice. I’m definitely going to give this a try the next time there’s a conflict. Thanks!

moi - Brilliant post, wish I’d read it yesterday. Never mind I know I’ll still have many other opportunities to use the magic words. I love your blog, you are so great at what you do.

Laura - excellent advice, i’m loving it and will put it immediately to use. Another thing my dad told me (he is an expert in negociation) is that you should get the person try to answer yes to questions. Even if the question is irrelevant, only by saying the word “yes” it puts the person in an “afirmative” mood making it more likely to get a compromise

Jessica Lopez - This is such an eye-opener! I’m definitely going to try this with my clients ( and everyone else for that matter LOL) and see how that goes. Thanks for sharing!
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Your Daily Guide To A Productive Winter

I couldn’t even tell you what grade I was in.  Just that I was happily skipping along through the list of classroom tasks when I grabbed our daily coloring sheet and saw a map of the United States. “Oh, cool!”  I thought.  “I know exactly what I’ll do with this!”  And I set about coloring […]

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Wayfaring Wanderer (Jessica) - Awesome tips in this post! Winter is a season that I oftentimes struggle with, but this year I am determined to do things differently!

I have been using planning sheets of my own for the past couple months that I downloaded from different places, and have been prioritizing my to-do list based on steps from ‘Productivity the Agile Way.’ I’ve had a lot more success with completing my task since I started that. Although, like you, I’ve wanted to ask myself some deeper questions on my daily “worksheets” (I call them planners) so that I’m being as mindful as possible.

I’m excited to cook up something really awesome with the inspiration you have just shared!


Victoria B - Love this! I need it. You should make it into a downloadable pdf for printing! :)

Caitlin McColl - I can so relate to what you’re saying here Jenika. My partner thinks I’m crazy whenever I admit how much I miss the assignments, essays and exams of school. I think it’s a combination of missing the structure and missing the thrill of collecting gold stars/Grade As. School is made for perfectionist overachievers. Life is not.

Love the worksheet :)

Susie - Wise words – so true about having no time for neither getting the work done, nor the movie! So weird – I’m reading The Book Thief at the moment too!

Croila - Ohhh yes, a downloadable pdf would be briliant! Love this post – so, so useful to try and stop stagnation. Thank you :-D
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Stephanie - Thanks so much for this post, Jenika! I remember wanting to get out of school and get on with “adulthood,” but I have to admit I loved the reliable routine of assignments and tests. So many of life’s frustrations – for me at least – stem from unpredictability and lack of consistency. I’m a highly creative person and I value spontaneity in that aspect but I crave structure in my day! It’s the only way I can be productive. :-) I LOVE your daily guide. It’s like the drill that my teenage son has to work on at the beginning of each of his classes.

Bob Owen - Great tips and I like the form. I’m a great procrastinator so this is just the formula I need. Thanks!

Megan DiPiero - Your blogs are always such a joy to read. I learned a little something about you today (love your rebel coloring spirit) and I learned a little something about me (how to finish dread tasks with a bit of fun.) Thank you!

Megan DiPiero - Totally just dug my way through your blog to find this post cause I needed a serious plan of attack for work drudgery. Did some copy/pasting plus note-taking and I’m ready to use this worksheet now and in the future. Today’s halfway point: 15 minute facebook check-in. Sayonara, internet! I’ve got work to do. Thanks, Jenika!

Your Blog Should Be More Like Hannibal Lecter. Here’s Why.

The prison gates shut with a reverberating claaang.  Somber violins threaten in the background. Prisoners lurk and grapple against the bars of their cells, following you as you hurry to pass by.  And then, the climactic moment.  The camera whirls around the corner, as if pulled, and shows…. A man, standing serenely in the center […]

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Rachel Bennett - LOVE the title.. and the content… and the photos… I love it all. I’ve been writing creatively for fun, and just last night I was working on a blog post and I began with the standard introduction to the couple, how they met, blah blah blah, but then I thought about showing instead of telling. I ended up using less words, but I think it’s definitely more powerful. :)

Jennifer Schulting - Good read! Definitely sharing. Pinned as well. Always enjoy reading your posts.
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Allison - I used the “start in the middle of the action” tip that you gave in an article I wrote for my newsletter today. I think you’d be proud of me. :) I’m going to use this one too, for sure. I hate writing generic compliments that don’t actually help the reader feel what you’re trying to convey, and don’t make the family feel like you know them at all or were paying attention when you were with them. Love it!
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Mark Sass | Wedding Photographer - This post is by far the best piece written on social media I’ve ever read and I read a lot about this topic. Social media is the part of my business I struggle with the most, because it’s not all about the “caffeinated cheerleader enthusiasm approach”, that always made me feel weird about my posts.

Thank you very much for pointing out a much easier, far more honest and much more engaging way of “being active on social media” and telling my story. Bookmarked!

Jedna Chwila - so god post & this photo – thank U!