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Like most traps, it’s got two halves. The first half:  That the way clients hear something described impacts their desire to have it. Psychologists call this a “framing effect.” For example:  People prefer meat labeled “75% lean” over meat labeled “25% fat.”  Even though either way, you’re getting the same thing. This applies in more […]

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When you make the leap from “doing something you love” over to “selling something,” you quickly find yourself in uncomfortable situations. When you were taking photos for the fun of it, you could easily walk up to someone and say “hey, can I take your picture?” But feels completely different to say “Hey, can you pay […]

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  • Stuart Hasson - Thank you for all of your help and inspiration. I’ve gained so much confidence. I sincerely appreciate it.ReplyCancel

  • Brian Fleming - Remember there is a solution to every problem you just have to solve it slowly and think it wisely.ReplyCancel

I’m sensing that this is a busy week for everyone. So instead of asking you to read a post, I thought I’d do a (gasp!) video so you could listen while you’re finishing up fall orders or making Halloween costumes. The topic? How to get clients to do what you want them to do! Give […]

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  • Michael - Always a joy to read, and listen! Thanks for the 14…ReplyCancel

    • Jenika - Thanks Michael! I appreciate you leaving me a kind word. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Vicki - Enjoyed your “make sense” post! The option to listen got me off the sofa to tidy up one room…so thank you for that too.ReplyCancel

  Have you ever waffled a little about buying something – – only to later be SO GLAD you got it?  Maybe in a way that you couldn’t even anticipate at the time you bought it? It could be something small.  Like, there’s this book of Van Gogh’s letters I almost didn’t buy because it […]

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  • Ceci Flanagan-Snow - Due to an imminent death in my family I am unable to do this right now – but I know it will work, later. Excellent advice.ReplyCancel

  • Kath Scott - Jenika! I always open your emails without question. This is a fantastic way to illustrate something that I’m really passionate about. You always give so much to this community. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Veronica - This is total confirmation for me to start my blog like I had the thought to do earlier this month. This is the very reason behind why I want to begin the blog for my photography site. Great post and thank you!ReplyCancel