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irresistibleyou-4250012Corner a photographer (or any creative), ask a few friendly questions, and they’ll light up as they tell you about their work and inspiration.

But too often, you’ll talk with them, then go to their website, and think – wait.

Where did that sensitive, richly insightful, hilarious, thoughtful person just go?

Their quirkiness? Their devotion? Their love? Where is that one story – the one that moved me to tears when I heard it in the coffee shop?

Nowhere to be found. Just a portfolio and some distant-sounding web copy.

As I’ve talked with hundreds of creatives over the past five years, I’ve seen this happen so many times that I’ve simply stopped counting.

Every single time, I wonder: How are their potential clients supposed to know how amazing the person I met with was?



This is actually a money problem.

Research shows that we like buying from people we feel we know, who appear similar to us in some way.

Especially in a small business, aspects of your personality can do your best sales work for you.

When “you” aren’t present enough, you lose connections that could increase the number of people who convert to clients.  Which is why I get so concerned when I see people pull a near-disappearing act in their own web presence!

Do you ever feel like this happens to YOU a little when you look at your own online space?

Like somehow, you feel you haven’t fully breathed your personality into your website, blog, and social media?  “This isn’t me yet – but I don’t know how to fix it.”

If you’re like most people, I bet if I asked you why, you might give an answer like:

I don’t know WHAT to say:

I don’t know what people want to hear!
I’ve tried, but just feel like I’m bragging!
My life is just not that interesting.
I am an introvert / private person. I don’t want to share that much.
Some people are naturally cool.  I’m not one of them.

Or, you might scuff your shoes on HOW to say it:

I don’t know how to ‘translate’ my personality into a virtual space!
Whenever I go to write about myself, it comes out sounding dumb.
I don’t know how to sound like ME.

I sound like every other photographer.

Here’s the tragedy: These statements are rooted in myths – myths that are probably costing you business.

We learn early that talking about ourselves is ‘bragging.’ That unless you have something unusual to share, you should just pipe down.

And if you’re like most people, school completely failed to teach how to write effectively about yourself – you spent more time trying to write “correctly” in five paragraph essays, and never even thought about trying to persuade a client.  (And the people who are good at it?  Well, you think they must just have the right natural charisma.)

irresistibleyou-4250301Let’s straighten one thing out, shall we?

We don’t bring our personalities into our business to stroke our egos.

We don’t tell stories about the freshness of our newborn child or the kiss at our wedding because we think we’re special unicorns and everyone should read our innermost thoughts.

We do it to have compassion on clients who are desperately seeking some kind of connection with the person they’re about to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars with.

Inside those stories is the kernel of why a great client would want to hire you. Why they would feel drawn to you, to the point of ignoring all others.

One time I was striding through Times Square in NYC, and I noticed that everyone around me had stopped. They were pointing, waving, and photographing in the same direction.

I turned, expecting to see a celebrity – and instead I saw a giant billboard. After a second, I realized that the billboard was a live TV feed of the area around where I was standing, projected on the big screen.

Millions of dollars’ worth of advertising adorns Times Square – and what do people stare at, photograph, and get excited about?

Seeing a bit of themselves reflected back.

It’s actually no different on your website or blog. When you share strategically about your life and stories, and clients see bits of themselves reflected back – their values, their stories, their struggles – they can’t help but stare, and keep coming back.

Writing about yourself – in an interesting twist – isn’t really about YOU.

It’s about making clients feel seen.  Heard.  Related-to.  And that’s a magnetic force that out-competes any other advertising.

Contrary to what you might think, writing about yourself to connect with clients is not hard, and it’s not mysterious.

Let me show you exactly how to do it:

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Irresistible You will teach you:

  • What clients actually want to hear about you, personally
  • Five psychological influences that make personal sharing smart business strategy
  • How to talk about yourself without feeling self-absorbed
  • How to pick stories that will draw your ideal clients in
  • The “it girl” secrets to dominating online (that even an introvert can steal)
  • How to sound like yourself when you write
  • How to find the right balance of personal and professional for you
  • 2 mistakes that make people wear their About pages like an itchy sweater – and 3 ways to make a better one
  • The Never-Ending Content Generator strategy for never running out of ways to connect with your reader (seriously – you’ll have a year’s worth of blog posts in no time)

Irresistible You is made to be studied once a week for 4 weeks (though you can go at whatever pace you please – you’ll get it in a single download).  And over that brief time, you’ll learn manageable, concrete ways to weave bits of your life seamlessly into your business.


This class is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with your blog and social media.  You’ll walk away with an exact list of things to write about, and why!
  • You want the time you spend online to be rewarded with interaction, comments, and clients.  You’ll learn the persuasive psychology behind each technique, so you won’t have to guess whether you’re ‘doing it right.’
  • You don’t want one more thing to do.  All the skills you’ll practice can be put to immediate use on things you’re already doing.
  • You’re tired of wondering how ‘those’ people are always getting so many comments and clients, when you know your work is soul-filled and right for so many people.  You’ll learn the secrets that popular people online use (hint: it has nothing to do with being ‘cool’) – and you will wonder why you didn’t see these methods sooner.
  • You’re an introvert OR an extrovert.  Our focus is on empathy – not ourselves.
  • You want to spend less time writing.  Because knowing what to say and how to say it makes everything move faster.


Here’s exactly what you get:


  • A single, instant download of all four weeks of content
  • A complimentary audio version
  • An exclusive invitation to our once-annual live virtual retreat where you can ask questions that arise as you’ve tried things out, and hear how others are using the material
  • 4 weeks of bonus emails – encouragement to keep going plus exclusive interviews with some of my favorite teachers

Note: This course does not include any one-on-one coaching. All materials are delivered online.



The 4 weeks of bonus emails include exclusive interviews:

  • Brian Andreas, of Pulitzer-nominated StoryPeople and Flying Edna, shares how stories complete your art.
  • Christine Tremoulet, author of Blogging Brilliantly, dissects secrets of being memorable.
  • Sarah Allred, of The Photographer’s Element, shows how to find “your” key moments.
  • Nick McArthur, of EpicDanger, reveals how to find your key personality factors and set yourself apart from local competition.
  • Brooke Snow, of EveryBranch, enlightens us on how coming closer to your own identity helps you serve others more.


shannon-mYou might be thinking – But Jenika!

“I’m overwhelmed – I don’t have time to do one more thing!”

This course is designed to make the things you’re already doing even faster.  The bite-sized tools and concepts can be applied to your blog, your social media posts, your website, or your marketing.

You’ll get both a written and an audio version.  You can consume this content in less time than it’d take you to watch one TV show per week.


“I’m a private person!  I don’t WANT to talk about myself!”

This class works no matter how private of a person you are – because personality and personal information are not the same things. At all. In fact, you’ll learn quick ways to make people feel connected to you when you’ve barely shared anything at all.  But what you do share needs to be strategic, and I’ll show you exactly what to do.


“I’m not good at writing – nothing comes!”

That’s probably because no one ever taught you where to start or how to do it.  This class breaks down what to say into small pieces that are easy to try out, with special coaching on how to sound like yourself and what to do when you feel stuck.

And here’s the truth:  You have to write anyway.  This just makes it easier, faster, and effective.


“Can’t you just give me a template that I can fill out?”

I would do you a disservice to give you a fill-in-the-blank template, because what would happen when you ran out of templates?  Where would all that ‘organic,’ ongoing connection go?

True connection also has to account for who you are and who your reader is.  So how about instead, I teach you how to explore your mind and theirs, then hand you six types of blog posts that CAN be reused and no one will ever know, plus give you a strategy called The Never-Ending Content Generator, which will ensure you don’t run out of things to say?  (I myself use this strategy and currently have 56 blog post ideas and outlines in my drafts folder.)

Being able to generate your own words along the clear lines I give will ultimately be more powerful than a short-lived set of prewritten stock words.


“What if it doesn’t help me at all and I want a refund?”

I stand proudly behind what I offer, but I get that not every piece of education is for everyone.  I want you to be able to give the material an honest try, risk-free!  So try it out, and if it’s still not helping, then just send me three completed assignments (because the magic happens when you do them) within 30 days of purchase, let me know how I can do better, and I’ll send along a refund.


“I want to see inside the class first!”

Of course!  Here’s a sample chapter – where you’ll learn a bit about how to tailor your balance of professional and personable, based on YOUR ideal client:

Peek Inside!


Most community college classes would run you $500 or more.  Learn exactly what you need at home – for less.

Irresistible You can be yours today for $219 only $169 today!


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jess-d-lAnd because I know some will wonder:

Yes, this is applicable to non-photographers!  Although many examples are given using photography, the principles are by no means restricted to the business of photography.  If you find this blog helpful, you’re more than capable of applying this to you, too.  And in fact, I’ve used several of these techniques in volunteer work, in winning contests, in helping job applicants write cover letters, and elsewhere.

Yes, this is applicable to you even if you’re writing in another language.  The class is in English, but the concepts can be used wherever you wish!

Yes, you can use this no matter what type of photography you do.  The class takes special care to apply the principles to different kinds of clients, INCLUDING situations where you might be working with other businesses.  Check out the sample chapter above for one example!

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