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3 Thought Patterns “Helpers” Need To Watch For

By Jenika | February 3, 2023 |

The past three years have contained heaps of uncertainty and mountains of challenge.  Managing that took a lot of energy. This has been draining for everyone, but today I want to spotlight how it has drained the “helpers” among us. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re one of them:  People who normally take joy…

An Unexpected Way to Make All Your Work Go Smoothly.

By Jenika | November 15, 2022 |

Each November when we host our feast, my goal is to include at least one person who has never experienced an American Thanksgiving before. I love the feeling of inclusion and plenty that sharing the holiday brings. A fun side effect, though, is watching people react to the food. I’m so used to preparing stuffing,…

I Bet You’re Wrong About This.

By Jenika | February 15, 2022 |

You know what’s odd?  When people believe the following two things: 1) “Others notice what I notice about myself.” (A blemish on my cheek.  The stain on my shirt.  A new haircut.) Yet also – 2) “Oh, I’m not that interesting.  No one wants to hear about me.” I’ve seen these two statements emerge over…

I Never Know How To Bring This Up

By Jenika | January 29, 2022 |

  In the years I’ve been running Psychology for Photographers, I’ve written hundreds of posts and emails. There’s one post I think about a lot, though. Back in 2013, the UK-based Professional Photography magazine asked me to write a few articles.  I asked if I could call attention to the issue of depression in running…