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I Never Know How To Bring This Up


In the years I’ve been running Psychology for Photographers, I’ve written hundreds of posts and emails.

There’s one post I think about a lot, though.

Back in 2013, the UK-based Professional Photography magazine asked me to write a few articles.  I asked if I could call attention to the issue of depression in running a business.  They agreed.  To prepare, I put out a call to my audience, asking for their thoughts.

What I got back amounted to 50 pages, single-spaced, of personal experiences.  You guys basically wrote me a book.

I told Professional Photography I was gonna need a longer deadline window.

Most weeks, I link back to prior articles.  This is one I never quite know where to slide in, though.  Depression is serious enough that you don’t want to casually drop it in like you were talking about the weather, and yet the silence of that uncertainty begets silence.  We’ll have none of that, so I’m just sharing this again outright:

“The Dark Room: Depression In The Photography World” covers:

  • Particular challenges creative careers pose for those living with depression
  • 5 tips on how to be a better industry citizen + friend to those with depression
  • 5 tips offered by the P4P audience on how to take care of yourself when you’re not feeling your best

You can click here to download a PDF of the magazine article, or here to grab a jpg if it’s easier to read on your phone; use the zoom to read.  

(Thanks to Professional Photographer for allowing me to re-share their published content for free.)

I wish you a healthy week.  And if it’s a tough week, I wish you the ability to find the strands of self-care that will pull you into next week.  You are important and we’re glad every time you show up and share your work. 

Keep going.

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