Persuasive Writing Class


The heater had broken again, emitting an occasional clank or hiss, so the 14 of us huddled in an alcove near the window.

Snow drifted behind the lead-paned glass of the 115-year-old classroom.  We balanced on benches and chairs, getting as close as possible to the remaining radiator without scorching our sweaters.  Some of us sat with our knees tucked to our chests, books scattered around the room.  Our teacher, a published author, kept mostly silent, stepping in occasionally to untangle a problem.  We struggled with our pens, underlining words, eviscerating paragraphs, recycling some sections, trashing others.

Eventually we emerged with a piece of ourselves.  Maybe a fragment of 8th grade band, or a sliver of our grandmother’s funeral, or a shining peephole into that perfect afternoon when we were 16.  Or maybe even something we hadn’t known before.  Sometimes, it tumbled out by accident – and pulled the rest of us in.

That writing course changed my life.

I knew how to write before – loved doing it, in fact.

But no matter where you are in the writing process, there’s irreplaceable magic in writing together in a small group, with guidance from a teacher who knows you.

I’ve poked around the online world and found precious few opportunities to participate in such a group. 

So I decided to create one.

Ever since I wrote the Irresistible Website e-book, I’ve had the chance to talk with dozens of photographers about their web presence.

And though we might begin with talking about websites or blogs or marketing pieces, you know what?  We always end up talking about writing.

Because the ability to write persuasively is money in your pocket.

I’ve studied persuasive writing for over a decade, and currently make my living primarily by marketing to different kinds of clients – through words – online.

My writing has done more than just lounged prettily on the Internet collecting Facebook followers – it has introduced me to industry leaders, pulled in scholarships and grant money, opened doors, and – of course – landed clients.  Of all kinds.

And here’s the thing:  It doesn’t matter whether I’m selling e-books or photoshoots, applying for grants or writing a blog post – I use the same strategies every time.  And this particular toolbox has gotten the job done every time, across the board.

This toolbox is what I would like to pass on to you.

On July 8th, I’ll be starting a four-week persuasive writing adventure with a small group of 14 students.

(Don’t worry, we won’t be meeting in a room with a broken heater.)

We’ll start by studying and discussing a set of principles together, and then I’ll turn you loose to try it out.

But you won’t be left on your own – the course is loaded with both group discussion and one-on-one help (keep reading for details).

This course won’t be for everyone.

It’s not for folks searching for a paint-by-numbers approach to writing – I’m not going to say “insert verb here, adjective there, and voila!” – there will be work, sweat, and vulnerability involved.

I could hand you a template to fill in, but I won’t:

Because I don’t want you to emerge from this course sounding like me – I want you to emerge sounding like you.

I’m also not out to convince people who despise writing that they should love it.  I hate accounting and happily hire it out – and some people should probably do the same with writing.  If the thought of writing makes you want to set fire to a pile of pencils and dance around the flames, I understand.  Truly, there are people in this world who can play to their other strengths and find success.

This course is for people who want to write, but who find that what lands on the page falls short of what’s in their mind,

who waste precious time staring at a blinking cursor,

who spend all day writing a post, only to find a handful of people reading it,

who feel like they write the same things over and over again,

who can’t seem to capture what they can offer in words,

and who feel like they sound like every other photographer in the area.

But this course is also for people who are open to the idea of writing more persuasively in their business – be it on their website or blog, on Facebook or in marketing pieces.

These people might be a little shy about getting all up in writing’s face, and they kinda cringe at the idea of receiving feedback – but they are brave enough to try.  Especially in a safe environment where negativity is chased away and replaced with support.

Want an idea of exactly what we’ll cover?  No problem!

Course Overview (exact sequence may be adjusted according to class needs – the benefit of working together, live):

Week 1:  Fastest Blog In The West

Or, “Writing doesn’t have to take all day.”


-How to connect with someone in just a few words
-No-fail, anti-writer’s-block strategies
-The 20 Minute Blog Post (for real)
-The One-Line Blog Post (yep)

Week 2:  The Toolbox

Or, “Jenika throws open her bag of tricks and shows exactly how she writes award-winning, money-earning copy.”


-The brass tacks of persuasion
-Writing unforgettable sentences
-Edit your writing like you’d edit a photo
-Creating fresh paragraphs that don’t sound like you swallowed a thesaurus

Week 3:  Writing to Sell

Or, “How an essay about chickens landed me an all-expenses-paid 8-week trip to Tunisia.”


-What people really want, and how to get them to buy it
-Overcoming objections in a single bound
-Information pages that have people dying to book
-The 2 mistakes that sink your sales – and how to avoid both

Week 4: Magnetic Words

Or, “Make sure people actually read what you just worked so hard to write.”


-Building and keeping an audience
-What to do when you feel like you don’t have anything to say (or feel that you keep repeating yourself)
-Engaging an audience even if you post infrequently


Or, “These principles aren’t just for websites and blogs.”

-Applying these same principles to marketing pieces & promotions, grant requests, scholarship applications, and pretty much anything else that requires you to stand out from a churning sea of competition.

Got it?  On to the details:

Time Frame:  Monday, July 8th – Friday, August 2nd.

Location:  All online, you can participate from anywhere in the world.



4 weeks of writing instruction, delivered via PDF once a week  |  Valued at $199
2 Skype Writer’s Dates with Jenika   |  Valued at $349
2 Short Writing Assignments (e.g. website pages or blog posts) edited by Jenika   |   Valued at $229
Private Facebook group for after-hours help   |   Valued at $59
Surprise gifts & in-group contests   |   Shh, they’re secret, and you can’t put a price on ’em either!

(Valuations based on current consulting and editing rates, and the value of course material if it were sold as an e-book.)

Total course value:  $836+

Actual cost of a seat:  $399

Ready to start this adventure with me?  Hit “Register Now.”

Have questions?  You know I’m available to answer them.  Just drop me a note at

But before you do, let me look you in the eye and say one thing:

Chances are, if this course caught your attention, if you like the way Psychology for Photographers is written and would like to know how to write better yourself, then I created this course just for you.  Feel free to drop me a note if you need to talk it through – I understand.

And you know what?  Even if you read all the materials and still can’t squeeze the right words out onto paper, you’ll have ample one-on-one time with me, and I will assist you.  I have edited essays that have helped get people into colleges such as Harvard and Stanford, freshened up web copy for dozens of photographers and business owners, and seem to be my friends’ go-to girl for writing help. 

In short?  If nothing else, you’re still getting $578 worth of individualized help and consulting from me, just by participating in this course.  The material and interaction with fellow class members will be a happy, enriching bonus, too.

And if you’re wondering if the live course will ever be offered again – I can’t honestly say anything other than “maybe.”  If it is, it will probably come with a higher price tag.  If this page speaks to you, I encourage you to grab a seat at the table, right now.

Registration closes Thursday, July 4th.  See you in class the following Monday!

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