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Top three questions people have:

Q. What is different in the new version? 

After writing and consulting on websites for 7 years since the first class came out, I streamlined the principles, then laid them out in addicting little steps. Basically, I took the Irresistible Website method and made it slimmer + more potent + laid out in a clear process.

Instead of reading ideas and thinking “This sounds great, I should do that sometime,” you’re actually making progress on your website from Step 1.

The original class also had a few places people tended to get ‘stuck,’ so I expanded support in those spots. Educational WD-40, if you will. For example, if you have trouble filling out the target client profile or feel like youre ‘making it up,’ there are now SIX strategies that cover different situations.

Whether you‘ve had zero clients, or hate talking to people in person, or are easily overwhelmed – one will work for you. I believe in you, and I don’t want any kind of overwhelm to bog down this process.

Q.  Is there any duplicate content between original + upgrade?

I wrote the new class from scratch.  There are a few (3-4) little analogies or examples that worked well to explain something in the first round, so I brought those back.  The other ~95% is new. 

The soul of the class is still to tailor things to your target client, but there are big differences.

For example:  There’s a target client worksheet, but it’s shorter and more powerful (taken directly from what I have copywriting clients use).  You’ll see a DIRECT connection between individual questions in that worksheet and later parts when you’re writing your site. 

The original class described how to tailor different sections, but the new version goes through an entire website page by page.  Much less is left up to the imagination.

As for the bonuses, I’m keeping the original audio interviews, and adding some new ones.  I’ll be recording some Q&As, live critiques, and other goodies in January in direct response to questions you’ll have a chance to ask between now and then!

So:  Picture a kitchen remodel.  I didn’t just paint the cabinets a new color.  I took a sledgehammer to the place and reconfigured the entire layout and upgraded the appliances.  You still use the place to cook, but I think you’ll like it more.

Q.  I liked the original class.  What are some reasons I might want to upgrade?

First, if you’d like a clearer process that leads to a quicker finish line. 

Second, this edition was written with my Gold Medal Overthinkers in mind; there are specific safeguards in place that keep you from wandering too long on any one step.

Also, have you ever noticed yourself going through cycles?  Many creatives find that every 18 months – 3 years, things change a bit.  Or a lot.  Your target client evolves, you get bored, you move, you want something fresh. 

You can work through the original class all over again – no problem.  This version of the class makes it smoother and faster though, with more strategies and support at your fingertips. 

You’ll benefit from what I learned doing this over and over for years: Eliminating everything except the essentials, then pumping those up for a zippy, powerful finish.


Need even more details on the new class? Read on!


“My website gets views, but doesn’t bring in enough clients.”

Sound familiar? Maybe it has crossed your mind along with:

  • I hesitate to send people to my site. It doesn’t feel ‘done.’
  • I don’t know what to say on my website. I write and delete, and the more I work, the less it sounds like me.
  • I’ve had “fix website” on my to-do list for a long time, but motivation and time are lacking.

Oh, hi there! You’re not alone. I made something for you.

Irresistible Website: Velocity Edition teaches you how to:

  • Understand exactly what your target client thinks, feels, and needs
  • Tailor every part of your website to speak directly to them
  • Create an experience so that that target clients land on your website and think, “WHOA – SIGN ME UP!!”

Every time a client sees your website and fails to take action, that’s money hitting the “back” button.

You work WAY too hard to let that keep happening.

This course helps you improve your existing site, wherever it may be. It saves you hours of fruitless tweaking, wandering through endless forums, and spying on what other photographers are doing. No more guesswork and piecemeal-ing ideas together.

You’ll walk straight back to your existing site with clear content and an understanding of what each piece does.

I’ve been teaching photographers how to build better websites for 8 years.

The first version of Irresistible Website launched in 2012 and won awards. Even better, I’ve gotten a lot of emails like this:


Since publishing the class, I also used what Irresistible Website taught to consult for & write new websites for dozens of private clients.

When you write for someone else, a funny thing happens: Things get real practical, real fast.

After all, you can’t “soul search” on someone else’s behalf. Guessing what their target client is thinking isn’t good enough. And the clock is ticking.

Using these concepts, I had to create a slim, step by step, even more potent process for walking them through creating a website. I had to ask razor sharp questions, where the answers led directly to what was going to go on the website.

Clients were wild about the results:

So I thought: It’s time to update Irresistible Website to lay out this exact, up-to-date process.

The soul is the same as the original course: Speak directly and persuasively to the heart of your target client.

The difference now is, it’s much easier to cross the finish line.

When it comes to your website, you don’t need a class you’ll read ten percent of and think, “This sounds great! I should do this sometime.”

You need a series of easy steps + a clear finish.

You need to know how to tell you’re done with a step. You need someone to gently, lovingly point out where you might be tempted to get stuck, and tell you exactly how to get out of your own head and move past it.

This course grabs your shoulders, spins you to face the right direction, then walks beside you until you’re ready to upload the images and hit publish.

From the very first step, you’re already taking action that leads to a finished website – not just thinking about it.

The steps are so clear they’re kind of addicting – you know exactly what to do, and where to go next.

By the time you’re done with this course, you will have:

  • Mapped out your website, knowing exactly what each part does and why
  • Filled in each section with words that make your target client gasp and say “Wait, are they stalking me? How do they KNOW?”
  • Successfully done this even if you’ve had ZERO clients, or are shifting what you’re doing. Many people have tried to do target client profiles before and didn’t find them helpful because they were just guessing – inside you’ll find six strategies to help you get real information that really works.
  • Created a clear offer that aligns with what you actually want to be doing
  • Set up a path that moves each viewer through your information, gently nudges away people who aren’t a good fit, and brings the best clients to take the next step to working with you
  • Gained a solid understanding of what your website is doing for you, and feel confident sending people there knowing you’ll get more clients as a result.

This class ends, once and for all, thoughts like:

  • I can see traffic coming to my website – why is no one BOOKING?
  • People rave about their photos once they have them – how can I get new people to understand this?
  • I meet people who like my work, and send them to my website – and never hear from them again.
  • I’m frozen – the more I work on this the further away I seem to get.
  • I’ll work on this when I’m less busy. (Which, so far, has been never.)


  • A single PDF laying out the process of creating a new website in simple steps. You always know exactly what you’re doing, and what to do next. (The PDF is over 100 pages, but don’t panic – they’re short pages with plenty of space for notes!)
  • An invitation to an annual online virtual retreat you can submit questions to and get kinks worked out
  • Bonus audio interview recordings with Sue Bryce and Spencer Lum
  • Additional bonus material coming: Live website critiques will be recorded this coming January! Watch your email for details.

Upgrade to Irresistible Website: Velocity Edition today for the Black Friday upgrade price of $159 $47.

For less than the price of a new web template or a marketing class at your local community college, you can learn how to draw in your ideal client, over and over.

This is the lowest price this class will ever be, including future Black Fridays – so grab it now!

“Wait! I have a question!”

I love questions!

Q. What is different about the new class versus the original?

The new class takes the soul of the original ideas, and lays them out in a clear series of steps. Instead of reading ideas and thinking “This sounds great, I should do that sometime,” you’re actually making progress on your website from Step 1.

The original class also had a few places people tended to get ‘stuck,’ so I expanded support in those spots. Educational WD-40, if you will. For example, if you have trouble filling out the target client profile or feel like youre ‘making it up,’ there are now SIX strategies that cover different situations.

Whether you‘ve had zero clients, or hate talking to people in person, or are easily overwhelmed – one will work for you. I believe in you, and I don’t want any kind of overwhelm to bog down this process.

Q. What does this course not include?

  • Graphic design templates or tutorials. This course covers the stuff that no template can give you: How to speak directly to the heart of the person you most want to work with.
  • Technical help, or info comparing website platforms. These change at the speed of light. But the human mind is still running on the same operating system as it has for hundreds of years, and I can give you lots of help how to work with that.
  • SEO instruction. Most SEO experts agree: Write for humans first, and robots second. We are covering how to speak to the center of your favorite humans. Too many people spend lots of energy pouring traffic into websites that don’t convert viewers to clients. When you’re done with this class, you’ll have a website that takes them by the hand and walks them through all the way to booking. Now you can send traffic there with confidence.

Q. I don’t have a website at all yet, will this help?

Yes! And it will save you an enormous amount of time. Going into this project, you’ll know exactly what pages you’ll need, and what they’re going to say. It’s much easier to bring a graphic designer or web template on board when you know exactly what you’re trying to communicate.

Q. I have a website and like some things about it, can this still help?

Yes. In particular, the “establishing shot” and “tuning fork” concepts will help you fine-tune things, making you even happier with the results. And once you’ve had practice doing that, I’m guessing you’ll find yourself using those new skills on your social media and blog, too.

Q. I do editorial/fashion/food/underwater photography, will this still help me?

People from all those categories and more loved the first class; I think you’ll love this version even more. Do you have a target group of people who you want to take a specific action? (Book you, contact you, come back and see you again because they feel understood when they’re around you, etc?) Then yes, this will help you. The class is designed to deeply reach and persuade the person you want to work with. Everyone is trying to reach someone, whether it’s an editor or a pet owner.

The course includes illustrative examples drawn from headshot, pet, portrait, personal brand, and wedding photography. There are also examples from selling shoes or smart tablets, just for fun. If you’re capable of seeing an example and applying a principle to yourself (which you do all the time reading my blog), this is for you.

Q. What if I’m trying to reach multiple target clients?

Then I particularly recommend this course. A website that tries to speak to everyone at once is not going to be as effective as one that takes each person by the hand and guides them where they need to go.

All you need to do is fill out a (streamlined) target client worksheet for each person you’re trying to reach, and use the organization suggestions and persuasive skills to speak to each one.

Q. I am not a photographer, can this help me?

Yes. I’ve had lawyers, ophthalmologists, graphic designers, real estate agents, and pet groomers benefit from this class in the past. No matter what business you’re in, you have a group of ideal clients who you want to hire you, and you need your website to make them feel emotionally committed to taking the next step. This class helps you do that.

Be aware that, like my blog, most of the illustrative examples in the class are taken from photography. These are just to reiterate a point. If you’ve been reading my blog and feel capable of understanding the message and applying it to your work (my guess is – you totally are), this class will help.

Q. English is not my native language, will this help me?

Yes. The course is written in English. It’s designed to help you write your own words, toward what your target client is thinking, and you can do that in any language, anyplace.

A solid (and welcome!) percentage of my audience is made up of non-native English speakers and I’ve had many, many people successfully speak to their own target client in their own context.

Q. Is any 1:1 coaching or copywriting included?

There is no 1:1 coaching or copywriting included. However, there is a live group Q&A every year when you can ask questions and hear what other people are asking, too. I bring my herbal tea and fuzzy socks and we all talk for an hour or two. It’s glorious. Past attendees have been wild about it. The recording goes out to everyone assuming the Internet gremlins don’t eat it, so you can send in questions beforehand and watch later if you can’t attend live.

Q. I am not in business yet (and am not sure I want to be). I’m still figuring out what I want to do. Can this help me?

If you are trying to get someone on board with something through a website, this class will help. If you want other people to look at something you’re doing and keep coming back, it is unavoidable that you need to understand more about that person. This class happens to walk through how to apply that knowledge to a website – but I’ve had students report they used the knowledge to write community newsletters and recruit volunteers for nonprofit events.

If you do start a business someday, in photography or something else, you’ll be miles ahead on your very first website try.

Q: What if this e-course doesn’t help me at all and I want a refund?

I get why you ask: Sometimes it’s hard to decide what education to invest in – and I want you to feel safe giving it a shot! If you give the material an honest try, which means that you’ve filled out a worksheet or two of your choice, and still don’t find it helpful, email me within 30 days of purchase, with completed worksheets attached, and I will happily refund your money.

Why do I ask you to try a few steps out? Psychology, baby: The brain processes involved in DOING are much, much different than the ones in READING. It’s the difference between going to baseball camp and watching the coach swing the bat, versus swinging it yourself. Swinging it yourself gives you an entirely different set of information. And THAT is the information you need to decide if this thing is gonna work.

This class was built to create doers. So if you jump in, you commit to swinging a couple times to really let ‘er fly. Make sense? Awesome.

Q: If I drop my computer in the toilet and lose my Irresistible Website download, will you send me another copy?

It’s your responsibility to protect your investment. While it would take me hours upon hours to fulfill all such re-download requests (taking time away from writing killer free content for this blog), it will only take you about 60 seconds to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Back this puppy up as soon as you download it! I recommend backing up to at least three places so you’re never without a copy.

Security’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

Q: Can I read on my mobile device?

If your mobile device can handle PDFs, yes. (Adobe Reader has free apps to make this easy.)

I recommend you download the .zip file to a computer, back it up in a safe spot, then transfer the unzipped PDFs to the device from there.

The class has a few “smart” PDF features for your convenience (like being able to type in text); not all readers can handle these smart features. This doesn’t impact your ability to work through the class – many people use a notebook or a Google doc to keep their notes.

Q: Eeek! I have a question not covered here!

Got you covered! Email me at Put “Irresistible Website Question” in the subject line, and it’ll help me get back to you faster.

Chances are, if you’ve been reading my blog and have found helpful things, you’re going to love this class.

Concentrated usefulness, straightforward, and speedy to apply.

I want to say yes and download it right now!

Just click below and you’re on your way:



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Irresistible Words dives deeper into teaching good web writing for those who feel unsure with words. It teaches you how to fill that site with words that pull them into booking – without making you feel like a Salesy Susan. Also, you’ll learn to write a blog post that people actually want to read – in 20 minutes or less.

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