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One day, while re-shelving books in the musty stacks of Sterling Memorial Library, I stumbled across a green volume titled “Physics for Poets.”

My brain was about five kinds of fascinated.  The idea that physics could be made accessible, if not downright useful, to someone as far afield as an English major lit me up.  I set the book back down, but the fusion of fields burned in my mind throughout the rest of my education.

I ended up studying psychology for seven years, and started a portrait business while finishing graduate school.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that photographers are knee-deep in psychology.  They might as well be wearing hip waders.


Psychology for Photographers explores how psychology fits into the everyday workings of creative businesses.

Even though a business is just an exchange of value between people, everything seems to depend on psychology:  How people make decisions, interact with one another, look at websites, select what to click on, and talk to their friends.  Understanding principles that help shape that behavior makes for an infinitely happier and less frustrating business experience.  Even just a few fundamentals will save you time, agonizing, guesswork, and money.

This blog runs on the belief that psychology should be accessible, if not downright useful, to any business owner who wishes to run a savvier, more successful business.

HCMDAM_ipadPost by post, that’s exactly what we’ll explore together.

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