Want to be on the secret list?


I know who you are.

You’re one of us.  A fellow book and learning lover.

The kind who gets a little thrill thinking about old libraries and comfy chairs by the window.

The kind who may be just as prone to binge on TED or Wikipedia as Netflix.

Who loves learning interesting things because they’re unexpectedly useful, but also because they’re INTERESTING.

(Some people don’t get you on this one.  But I do.)

The kind who every fall, gets a little wistful that you’re not cracking open a fresh school notebook to fill with knowledge and imagination.

I want to send you some secret missions around back-to-school time.

They aren’t time-consuming.  Just awesome.  They might change your business.  They will certainly change your week.  And probably make you giddy.  And if you enjoy them, you might be secretly invited to continue geeking out with me about psychology in a way that’s never existed before.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Want in?  Drop your name and email below.

(If you can’t see the box, click here and I’ll take you to the secret back door entrance instead.)

Feel free to send this link to a friend if you think they’d geek out over this, too.

Other than that – you were never here.

See you soon.

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