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How would it feel to know that as soon as your ideal clients saw your website, they drew an inhale of breath because all their hopes were answered, right there – by you? 

What if your website blew away their hesitations in real time and swept them steadily toward booking?

Remember:  Your website isn’t an art gallery.  It’s a 24/7 sales employee working on your behalf.  It needs to do its job.  I have seen photographers struggle for YEARS with outdated sites that don’t outline what they actually offer, actively attract people they don’t want to work with, or fail to answer basic questions so that ideal clients click away, confused.

Let me write (or rewrite) your website for you. I have cleared my calendar for early fall to work with three people – and there’s one spot left.

I have coached people through some of the most competitive writing situations in the world, as well as edited and/or ghostwritten dozens of websites for photographers, including almost two dozen in the past 18 months.  Let me take it from here.  You’ll have fresh, polished copy ready to upload in 2-3 weeks – rather than in 6 months, or 2 years from someday.  😉 

(Even if you don’t hire me, if you’re struggling with your website or any other task, please reach out to an expert.  People who sustain success long term don’t try to go it alone, they do their best work and bring on quality assistance where someone else can shine brightly on their behalf.)

What’s included?

  • Review of your entire current site and analytics
  • Detailed questionnaire about you, your business, and where you’re taking it (some clients tell me this helped them get clarity for themselves)
  • 1.5 – 2 hr Zoom meeting for me to learn your voice, get a deep read on your ideal client, and strategize
  • Based on our conversation, I craft the text for 5 – 7 website pages, which is the size of a standard photography site.  Most of the time this looks like:
    • Home page
    • 1-2 Info + pricing + persuasion pages
    • Bio/About section (yes! I will do this for you!)
    • Gallery captions as needed
    • Contact page
    • BONUS: If you’re short on testimonials, I’ll draft emails for you to send to past clients to fill holes in your social proof, which will help target and eliminate obstacles to booking
    • BONUS: An extra paragraph of copy – this is different for everyone, sometimes it’s an Insta bio or a Google snippet; it will become obvious as we talk what little extra thing you need 🙂
  • One round of revisions + a second 1.5 – 2 hr Zoom meeting to go over your final version
  • All text sent to you, ready for you to upload
  • I’m available via email for 3 weeks afterward to answer any questions that arise as you implement your new copy

What is not included in the retainer for this service?

  • Any copy that isn’t for your central website (such as PDFs, social media posts, client guides – if you want to work on these extras together, just ask for a custom quote!)
  • Any design or back-end work.  I provide text files and you are responsible for implementing the words into your site.
  • Heavily SEO-focused work.  My philosophy is to write for humans first, then adjust to consider robots later (and most SEO experts agree).  We hone your message for your ideal clients.  We will be strategic about adding your name, location, and descriptions, which puts you in a great place to do more SEO work on your own afterward.

What is the time frame + cost?

Currently there are  2 spots open for Oct/Nov.

There is a $3200 USD retainer for my time.  That’s all-inclusive for everything listed above, no added fees.

Due to the time-intensive, custom nature of this project, the retainer is non-refundable.  Please note that both project meetings and any revision requests must be completed by the end date we will agree upon.

We’re probably a match made in writing heaven if:

  • You’re frustrated with the gap between what you offer and your current site’s ability to explain it
  • You don’t have time to become an expert in one more business task
  • You don’t feel your site captures the experience you offer people
  • You’ve tried to write it yourself, but it doesn’t “feel right” or “sound like you”
  • You worry your site isn’t persuading as many visitors as it could

We may want to hold off just now if:

  • You’re looking to be totally hands-off – persuasive copy for your personal ideal clients can’t spring out of the ground, we do need to meet twice and have you comment on a draft in a ~ 3 week time frame.  (Other than that, I do all the written legwork.)

Anything else I should know?

This is going to be fun!  After meeting with me, clients find that not only do they have confidence, but their minds are brimming with fresh focus and concrete new steps.  This work has a way of trickling its way into every area of your business and clearing up things that have been bugging you.  It’s energizing and restorative work.

Here’s what one photographer had to say 8 months after working with me:

“I have more qualified inquiries and more of those inquiries book.  And more importantly, I’m attracting playful families who want to jump in the water.  Originally, I thought I would have to expand on what I was doing to attract the right client, but you helped me realize I was already providing a service that I wasn’t fully explaining in my copy.  I feel very fortunate.”

My copywriting spots tend to book quickly.

Any questions floating in your mind?  Email them to me!

I want to hear all about your work and goals! or click here to send me a note ASAP.

What matters most here is that you feel I’m the right fit for your project.  I won’t try to talk you into or out of anything.  I can help you suss out whether we’re a good match, and it’ll be up to you. 

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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