YOU’RE IN! Welcome to PsySecret Society!


Let’s take a few seconds to make sure you’re up to speed:

Our adventure officially begins October 1st.

If you can’t wait to get started (seriously, who can?), go ahead and download the preface for the class – What Psychology is Not – right here.

(You may need to right click and select “save as.”  It’s a PDF, which may cause hiccups for some mobile devices.)


IMPORTANT:  Your society keys (login information) will be sent to the email address you used at checkout on or before September 30th.  Remember to grab ’em there!

All additional mission-critical Society Mail will be directed to that address, too.

Want to receive subsequent Society Mail at a different email address, too?  No problem:  After you get your keys and log in to the Society page, you’ll see a place to add an additional email.  Boom.

Hang tight – we’ll begin soon!

If you have any questions, email me at  I’m so excited to have you with us.

Yours in secret,


P.S.  If you’ve come this far, then what you’re about to learn is going to simultaneously geek you out and thrill you.  The weekly meetings are along the exact same lines as the secret missions and sample lesson.

If for some reason what you receive is still not what you expected, you do have until Friday, October 17th to shoot me an email describing the differences, and we’ll chat.  After that date, be aware that no refunds will be issued for any reason, and you’re obligated to fulfill any outstanding payments.  But no worries – three weeks is plenty of time to see what the course is all about – and chances are, you’ll love it!


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