What CoPilots Alums Had To Say

First up, Rachel – Family & Newborn Photographer:

“I cried earlier. One of the big things for me is feeling like a big weight has been lifted. Like a lot of individual pieces of baggage have been lifted. I came to you in every single Polo expressing this thing that just is holding me back, and at every single turn, you were so skilled at flipping it, unhooking it, whatever that grappling hook that was stuck in me – one flick and I would feel released from that. That was really powerful. I’ve gone to therapy before, and none of it has been as effective as the past two weeks of non-therapy with you.

That’s just tremendous, I’m completely blown away by so much of what you were able to share with me, and how insightful, supportive, and encouraging you have been.

I’m so thrilled with how these past two weeks have gone, and this was hands-down the BEST money I’ve ever spent for my business.  I really feel like I got to take so much from this that I can apply in both my professional and my personal life.  I feel like you’ve become such an enormous part of my business mindset now. I would love to work together in the future – I would come back to you in a heartbeat.”

Next up, Melissa, SEO Educator:

I have been looking for someone to do this kind of thing with.  It’s a short amount of time and we got a LOT accomplished. 

I was in a coaching program over the summer, and the thing I felt like I was missing was being able to talk to the person running it more.  I loved the easy access and accountability here.  I loved Polo, I could ramble if I needed to, just pick up and record what I’m thinking of and how I’m processing things.  I liked that it was day by day, and if I needed a break, I appreciated you checking in to make sure I didn’t need help. 

When you’re self-employed, you need to be able to process things with other people, but you can’t always brain dump on your spouse or friends – their eyes would roll back. And if I’m constantly talking about my business, then I’m not being a good friend, there has to be some give and take.

Whereas with this, I was able to be ‘selfish’ and just talk about where I want my business to go, and work it out with someone. Someone who is looking out for me, in my corner, giving me a different perspective. Even just holding me accountable, helping me work through it on my own while offering points of advice.

The most valuable part was the short term.  I can’t do coaching in a lengthy format, it feels like you’re constantly bogged down, and it’s easy to spend money on programs you can’t fully use. I need to work in the business, not just ON the business. So I loved this format, the quick accessibility and sprint to work through specific things.  I definitely feel like this is something I could foresee doing once a quarter.”

Then we have Terri, Growth Strategist & Brand Advisor:

“I just absolutely adored getting your perspective.  It helps to ground me and help me move forward so powerfully.  This has been fabulous.

I really do think that connecting with the emotions of what’s going on with someone who needs my service has been my sticking point.  It’s not that I don’t know that, it’s just that there’s lots of ways of approaching it.  And I’ve heard so many different ways of doing it, that I end up with too many things swirling in my head. And just trying to pick THE THING to focus on and lean into, and be specific with it, is where I hesitate. And I believe it will be valuable to the right people, and I can get it out there. 

I really appreciate that you’ve broken things down into simple steps.”

Can’t forget Brandilyn, Serial Entrepreneur:

“Oh my goodness, so much wisdom here!  I need to go back and listen again!  You’re spot on with these shifts in creativity, and what you said is exactly what I’ve been feeling but I’ve never articulated it before. You have such a gift – it’s like you’re inside my head, how would you possibly know exactly what I’m feeling! And I think you seem to understand how motherhood and being a business owner impacts my life and the way I think.

Genuinely, thank you so much, this has been so much more helpful than I ever could have imagined. Just the practice of me taking the time to show up and really listen and drop in and be vulnerable and hear things that I could work on if I wanted, and you’re very good – I never once felt like it hurt to hear anything you were saying, it felt very positive, very helpful. I’m going to miss talking to you.”


Last but no such thing as least, there’s Patti, Boutique Photographer:

“I am feeling great. This was SO WORTHWHILE. This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. This is one of the most PRODUCTIVE things I’ve ever done. I think this is going to change my business and help my life.

Working with you was much more than just learning to make money and be successful, you taught me strategies to live the life I want to.  I definitely want success in my photography business, but not at the expense of helping my family.  Thank you for helping me figure out how to do both.  You helped me condense my work in a way that lets me control my time. 

And I have to add, the strategies not only helped me, but they trickled down to my son’s family.  Helping me figure out a plan allows me to help them, which allows my daughter-in-law, a pediatric ICU doctor, help the children she needs to (without worrying about her babies at home!).  You are making a big difference. THANK YOU.”

I have two upcoming windows for CoPilot available:

  • May 20 – 31, 2024
  • June 3 – 14, 2024

Email me if you’re interested, or want to ask some questions.



CoPilot is for you if:

  • You want to make a change.  In business, life, or the way the two interact.
  • You can’t put all your thoughts and feelings into words yet.  In fact, that’s why you haven’t sought help already.
  • You may have an idea, but there is still a lot to think through.  The in-between steps get muddled.
  • You often ‘know’ what you ‘should’ be doing, but the idea of actually doing it is unappealing.
  • A 1hr ‘consult’ wouldn’t fully fix this.  Your head is in a swirl, changing day to day, and it’s too much risk to think you can solve it in one sit-down (plus, you worry what would someone think if they saw behind the curtain). You also don’t want the pressure of someone giving you an “action plan” based on some system when you’re not yet sure what you want to follow through on.
  • You have a support network, but those interactions are too haphazard to really push you forward, and there are limits on how deep you feel you can go.  Plus, you always feel obligated to return the favor, and you don’t have the time.
  • You need the safety and nonjudment of spilling everything on a couch with a close friend, only also as magically accessible as shooting a text.
  • You want support, but are caught in a place where a $10k mastermind isn’t in the cards, you don’t feel ‘together’ enough for a one-off coaching session, and yet you don’t want to sit in a business group where you feel constantly ‘behind.’
  • You don’t feel ‘ready’ to ask for help.
For two weeks, let me jump in the seat right next to you. This is your plane, I won’t rush you into any shifts – but I’ll be by your side, going with you at your pace.  Gently mapping what’s been happening, pinpointing weather patterns you haven’t put into words yet. Making course corrections by degree, then seeing how it feels. When you don’t know what to say, I’ll know what to ask.
I meet you exactly where you are.  Whether we’re brainstorming next moves, bracing you through current bumps, processing complex situations, or simply allowing space for you to brain-dump – you don’t have to be anywhere other than where you are.
There is no such thing as “being behind.”



  • We check in every weekday for 2 weeks.  Yep.  (If you are busy, no worries, I’ll still pop by with a potent question or a pep talk.)
  • Zero scheduling.  We will use Marco Polo for video texting. Fully asynchonous, yet fully interactive.  Time zones irrelevant.
  • Zero judgment.  I’m serious when I say I meet you where you are.  If that’s in PJs at 6am before your house wakes up, that’s when you message.
  • Bite size support at your pace.  We will start with some initial questions, and go where you need to go.  I know how to get people talking even when they draw a blank, and I know how to extract golden threads from what feels like rambling. I’ve got you.
  • You don’t have to “fit this in.”  You are already thinking about this stuff at your desk, or in your car outside Target.  The difference is, instead of swirling through thoughts that go nowhere, you open your phone & send them to me.  I help you sort through them, and we actually move to the next step, or to the next question.
  • You can send unlimited Polos, I’ll respond 1x daily (at least) M-F.  Midnight brain dumps are welcome.


At the end of this season, you could be in the same mental swirl.
Or we can talk, and in the same time, you can have:


  • A rush of confidence as your mind stills and you see exactly what you want.
  • A brightly lit path to getting there.  Yet, there’s no hurry.
  • Clear steps that you’re excited to take.  Because they follow your strengths, rather than piling on more boring tasks you’re not an expert in.
  • An outside observer and Reminderer-That-You-Are-Worth-It offering a near-embarrassing amount of genuine affirmation along the way.


But I’m super busy right now!  
  • Yes.  And behind the scenes, you’re still mulling all this over, and it’s still weighing you down.  Might as well pull out your phone and talk it through.  You are exactly where you should be.  This is designed for the in-between time.  And relief doesn’t have to wait.
  • Pssst.  The best time to spot patterns is when they’re happening. When you’re dealing with scheduling stress, client boundaries, the collision of family and work, hindsight will NOT be 20-20. A few quick check-ins now will be far more revealing than trying to squint and remember what happened months ago.  Just sayin’.


  • On-demand 1:1 coaching with daily check-ins and unlimited input from you typically starts in the four figures.
  • One CoPilot spot is $997 (USD).
  • I’ll respond at least once every weekday, and there’s no cap on how much time you spend messaging me.  You can “and another thing!” all you want as things pop into your mind.


  • Shoot me an email.  We’ll set you up in a jiffy!


  • What is Marco Polo? A free app that makes sending video messages easy.
  • I’m not sure if this is right for me!  Help?  No problem!  Reply, tell me what’s going on, and I can let you know if I can help.  I am not in the business of selling people stuff they don’t need – I will tell you honestly what I think.  Let’s talk.
Chat soon!  

P.S.  Rachel also sent a follow-up email with additional thoughts she wanted to share with anyone considering:

It was an ingenious format because I’m the type of person for whom having a conversation always seems to kick off a chain of related questions or concerns or issues I want to talk about, that I couldn’t have anticipated beforehand.

Having an extended amount of time to not only think of questions, but to let the conversation take natural turns, and then getting a chance to sit with Jenika’s questions, gave me an opportunity to really reflect internally on issues that really mattered, but might not have been surface-level. I didn’t feel rushed to respond with whatever first popped in my head as if we were on the clock and I only had an hour to get through my list of pre-determined questions.

It was a really unique format that lent itself to really allowing me to be introspective and get to the heart of my business struggles, which I didn’t know would be possible in such a short amount of time! 

Of course, any amount of time spent with the wrong kind of business coach is, frankly, wasted time. If Jenika hadn’t been on the other side of that phone screen, this experience would not have been half as impactful. She is the type of person who makes you feel welcome to share your true thoughts, concerns, struggles. She is incredibly compassionate, intelligent, and insightful, and makes you feel completely comfortable being vulnerable. And when you feel safe enough to be vulnerable about the issues that you may be facing in your business, then real progress can be made.

And Jenika is an absolute wizard about identifying those issues, and helping you to face them, reframe them, and overcome them. I would get so excited when I saw I had a new message from her! And I have continued to refer back to the notes I made from our session, using the insight and clarity she shared with me every single day. I feel more confident in myself as I navigate the blurred lines of motherhood, creativity, and entrepreneurship thanks to the tools and encouragement Jenika gave me.”

If you’re still reading, it’s probably a good idea to just shoot me an email, I’m happy to talk it through with you. 😉


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