Irresistible Website + Irresistible Words Business Library Pack

 Some things belong together.

Marshmallows & campfires.

Books & window seats.

Nutella & spoons.  (Let’s be honest.)


Irresistible Websites & Irresistible Words:





So happy together.

Why is that song so creepy, by the way?

Ahem.  Anyway.

Irresistible Website teaches you how to tailor your website to fit your dream client like an Oscar gown.

Step by step, you’ll walk through what a client wants and needs to see, and then make an action plan for creating a site that gets clients for you.  (Full info here.)


Irresistible Words teaches you how to fill that website with words that lead people to book –
without making you feel like you’re “selling.”

Along the way, you’ll learn to write blog posts in 20 minutes or less, avoid 2 key mistakes that sink your bookings, and 9 surefire ways to end writer’s block.  (Full info here.)


Why not grab both together right now and save?

Buy separately and it adds up to $408 – buy together in the Business Library Pack for a sweet $379.


(All terms and conditions as outlined on the Irresistible Website and Irresistible Words pages apply.)

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