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Irresistible Website


 Let me ask:

But most photographers do exactly that.

Hundreds of photographers have told me their website fails to turn browsers into clients.

Tell me if any of these sound familiar:

  • I spent hours wrestling with putting the website up, but not one person has called because of it.
  • I’ve switched templates four or five times. It looks okay now, but it’s not bringing in as many clients as I want it to.
  • I don’t even know why I have a website, it’s just kind of….there.

I’ve been there, too.

When I started in photography, I spent a lot of time fretting and tweaking the design of my blogsite. I’d meet people who would seem interested in having their photos done. I’d send them to my site….and I’d never hear from them again.

As in, EVER.

And it’s frustrating, because if your website fails to sell on your behalf, all that hard work it took to get them there goes to waste. You work three times as hard to send even more traffic there, only to see a trickle, if anything, in return.

It’s time to strip your website down to the brass tacks of human behavior.

Time to look at the psychology of web browsing. Of marketing. Of memory and influence and persuasion.

Time to use it, and put your website to work for you, instead of the other way around.

Because you CAN take your website from black hole to client magnet.

It’s quite simple:

You’ll use a fundamental aspect of human behavior that will rivet anyone’s attention to anything.

Dale Carnegie summed it up in one line:

“Talk to people about themselves, and they will listen to you for hours.”

The secret is to become exquisitely acquainted with your dream clients – and then whisper to them as if there was no one else in the world at all.

You won’t be able to tear them away.

The truth is, there is no web template that can do that for you. There is no WordPress plugin for people’s hearts.

Beautiful design and smart functionality help, sure, but they cannot take the place of a message that touches people’s hearts and taps into their goals and desires.

You have to craft that yourself.

I will show you how.

From Portfolio To Profit Engine: How to Build an Absolutely Irresistible Photography Website

is an e-course custom made to help you get more clients online.

By the time you’re done with this e-course, you will have:

  • Created a full profile of your dream client, with help every step of the way
  • Completed a full blueprint of how your services meet your client’s deepest problems + needs
  • Walked through step-by-step how to take that profile and create a website that speaks directly to those deep problems and needs
  • Created a psychology-driven master plan for each page of your site

You’ll know exactly who you’re talking to, and have a fully-crafted message to get their attention.

You’ll also learn exactly how to translate that into real words and actual web content.

Step by step, you will:

  • Write a full pricing page + other action-eliciting web copy, under the expert guidance of Kristen Kalp
  • Understand how to write and arrange your website so people take action
  • Have 7 fresh, adaptable content ideas at your fingertips, and understand how and why each one works as a persuasive tool
  • Avoid the 4 MAJOR “Blind Date” mistakes that send clients running for the hills

You’ll also learn:

  • How to prevent client problems by disguising key info in delightful ways
  • How humans naturally view a screen, and how to derail their attention for your benefit
  • What content people share with friends (and how to create more of it)
  • 3 outside-the-box ways to use galleries they’re not just for regular ol’ photos!
  • What memory research says about your navigation bar
  • How to draw a client in with interactivity – even if you’re using a template
  • Why narrowing your target audience actually widens your reach
  • 2 (free!) strategies for gathering juicy info about your ideal client
  • Little layout tricks that make a big difference
  • And much, much more!

Included in this course is an exclusive invitation to a LIVE annual virtual retreat, where you can ask questions that arise as you implement what you have learned.

Although the lessons alone give you all the tools you need to create a site you’re happy with, the virtual live retreat helps ensure that your website stays up-to-date as your business grows.

What exactly will I get?

  • A beautifully-designed 87 page PDF chock full of the info you need to turn your site into a client magnet.
  • A juicy guest chapter from Kristen Kalp teaching you step by step how to write smoking hot web copy.
  • A printer-friendly version of all the Dreamsheets (yep, they’re not worksheets – they’re Dreamsheets) so you can scribble and plan every page on your site.
  • An exclusive invitation to an annual LIVE virtual retreat where you can watch live critiques of other websites, ask questions, and get encouragement to give your site an annual tune-up as your business evolves.

Go ahead – Peek inside!

Sit in your client’s chair and learn the difference between a Lukewarm, an Improved, and an Irresistible website:

You know there’s going to be BONUSES:

Irresistible Website comes with TWO HOURS of exclusive audio interviews with:

  • Sue Bryce, who built a $20,000 per week business from scratch, and travels the world in her spare time teaching marketing to photographers.
  • Spencer Lum, who spent 13 years designing websites for Fortune 500 companies like Adobe, Intel, Oracle, and Cisco. He’s also run a wedding photography business in New York City for the past 9 years.

Sue Bryce spills:

  • The simple change to her website that made Pinterest go crazy and brought in international bookings
  • Why aiming for clients in higher income brackets can be “the biggest mistake you’ll ever make,” and who actually spends the most money with her on photography
  • The website page that rocks her SEO and why
  • What she deliberately leaves off of her website – and what she does instead
  • The truth about raising prices, and why non-wealthy clients spending $3800 still tell her she’s “cheap”
  • Her advice to those who are struggling to make money with their photography


Spencer Lum reveals:

  • The client-grabbing strategies behind every single element of his wedding photography website
  • Why most photographers approach their website backwards, and what to do instead
  • The biggest mistake non-designers make when they have to DIY their websites
  • His professional take on how to select a good web template
  • The simple, surprising website detail that removes a serious barrier booking (it will take less than 5 mins to add it to your site)
  • Why there should be zero guilt involved in marketing your work

All for no extra charge. Aww, yeah.

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Irresistible Website will create time + money for you.

Every time a client sees your site and fails to take action, that’s money hitting the “back” button.

Too many of us rush to drop $200-$400 on a new template or logo rather than invest the time to create the things that clients actually care about.

Irresistible Website will help you improve your existing site, wherever it may be, and save you hours of fruitless tweaking, wandering through endless forums, and spying on what other photographers are doing. No more guesswork and piecemeal-ing ideas together. You’ll walk straight back to your existing site with a clear plan of how to improve it.

How To Build An Absolutely Irresistible Photography Website can be yours today for only $159.

For less than the price of a new web template, you’ll learn what it really takes to turn your website into a presence that makes clients gasp – then hire you.

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You’ll love this e-course if:

  • You’re sick of your website being a freeloader that costs you money and does nothing in return.
  • You’re frustrated that your website content seems stale, unoriginal, or not you.
  • You want clients to see you as an artist, not a button-presser for hire.
  • You’re seeking to make your website persuasive.
  • You crave expert help writing a juicy pricing page.
  • You’re tired of looking at other photographers and comparing yourself to what they’re doing.
  • You’re done playing the guessing game when deciding how to present yourself online.
  • You are ready to dig deeply to tailor your website to the minds and hearts of the clients you most want to work with.

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Oooh, I love questions.

Q: What is NOT covered in this e-course?

This e-course does NOT cover:

  • SEO strategy or analytics
  • Graphic design
  • Technical know-how about WordPress or any other web platform or web builder
  • Info on web platforms, hosting, plugins, or comparisons of these services

This download does NOT contain:

  • Web templates, plugins, Photoshop files or any other design files
  • Tech help or geek speak with nuts and bolts of putting together a website

There are plenty of SEO wizards, design ninjas, and other amazing people who cover these topics in depth.

Instead, this e-course focuses on helping you learn how to speak persuasively to your dream clients, how people think and behave online, how to use that killer knowledge to create great content that motivates your dream clients to hire YOU.

If you have any questions about what this e-book covers, be sure to check the table of contents in the sneak peek, and feel free to email me at!

Q: Is this e-course suitable for wedding and portrait photographers?

Absolutely! The principles apply to both, and examples are given using both wedding and portrait photography.

Q: What if I don’t photograph people, or I’m not a photographer at all?

These principles apply whether you’re a nail salon or a photography business. Heck, my graphic designer who designed the lessons made a few tweaks to her own site after reading this e-course! The worksheets can be completed with any target client in mind.

That being said, the direct examples in the book use traditional photography clients (brides, expecting mamas, moms, families, etc), so you may have to do a little extra thinking to apply it to your own business. It was written with photographers in mind, and the text reflects that. Email me if you need help deciding whether or not this will help you.

Q: What if I have a template website and don’t have much flexibility?

This e-course is about crafting great content rather than web design itself, so it can be applied to virtually any web presence.

There are a handful of layout tricks that can help you recognize a good template when you see one, but as long as you can modify text, create a new page, and upload some new photos, you’ll be able to put these strategies into action. And there are always more options than you think: If you want to use the sneaky caption strategy described in Chapter 2, but your template doesn’t support captions, you can just throw the photo JPG into Photoshop and add caption text there. There’s always a way.

Q: What if I have a blogsite and not a traditional website?

No worries – these principles can be applied to blogsites, too!

Using these tools to refine your message will help you make any web presence stronger. Most blogs allow you to add info pages, which are great for serving up the hot content we’ll be talking about.

To be clear, the e-course doesn’t cover blogging itself (e.g. tips on writing posts would be outside the scope of this class – see Irresistible Words instead), but you will learn to present information in ways that applies to blogsites just as much as traditional websites.

Q: What if this e-course doesn’t help me at all and I want a refund?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what education to invest in, because you can’t be sure beforehand whether the education will help in the way it says it will help. I’m insanely dedicated to making sure that this information helps as many people as possible, so I want you to try it risk-free.

If you purchase this e-class, download the lesson, give it a good faith effort by completing the Dreamsheets (yep, because amazing things happen as you do them), and still feel that it isn’t helping you create a more irresistible website, send me an email at within 30 days of purchase, with completed Dreamsheets attached, and I will happily refund your money.

Q: If I drop my thumb drive in the toilet and lose my Irresistible Website download, will you send me another copy?

It’s your responsibility to protect your investment. While it would take me hours upon hours to fulfill all such re-download requests (taking time away from writing killer free content for this blog), it will only take you about 60 seconds to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Back this puppy up as soon as you download it! I recommend backing up to at least three places so you’re never without a copy.

Security’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

Q: Can I read and listen on my mobile device?

If your mobile device can handle PDFs and mp3s, yes. (Adobe Reader has free apps to make this easy.)

I recommend you download the .zip file to a computer, back it up in a safe spot, then transfer the unzipped PDFs and mp3s to the device from there.

Q: Eeek! I have a question not covered here!

Got you covered! Email me at Put “Irresistible Question” in the subject line, and it’ll help me get back to you faster.

Q: I want to say yes and download it right now!

Just click below and you’re on your way:

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For a limited time only, you can purchase my classes in bundles:

A.  Purchase Irresistible Website + Irresistible Words together for only $408 $378!

bundle_website-words-300x96Irresistible Website delves into how to figure out exactly who your dream client is, and tailor your website to make that exact person gasp.

Irresistible Words goes a step further, and teaches you how to fill that site with words that pull them into booking – without making you feel like a Salesy Susan.  Also, you’ll learn to write a blog post that people actually want to read – in 20 minutes or less.

Why not grab them together and save $30?

 (Discount does not apply to past purchases.)

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B.  Purchase Irresistible You + Irresistible Website together for only $378 $348!

Did you know that people are more likely to buy from people they like and feel similar to?  Irresistible You teaches all the secrets to presenting your personality online, and the secrets popular bloggers use to get attention (that even introverts can use).

 (Discount does not apply to past purchases.)


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C.  Purchase all three courses in one fabulous pack – only $627 $557!

By popular request, you can purchase all three courses and save $70 off retail.

 (Discount does not apply to past purchases.)


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