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You’re sitting at your desk, hands hovering over the keys. An itchy, familiar anxiety gnaws at your fingertips:

I don’t know what to say.

Where do I start?

This is taking way too long.

You exhale in frustration, then change tabs and head to Facebook. You scroll through some pictures, ‘like’ a high school friend’s dinner recipe from yesterday, then remember:

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be writing.

I need to get this done so I can finish editing my session/go pick up my kiddo/make dinner.

You go back to your page. Thirteen minutes have passed, but your cursor hasn’t moved much.

I guess I’m just bad at writing.

Let’s stop right here. Enough, okay?


Enough with the wasted hours.

Enough of guiltily neglecting your newsletter or blog because you don’t know what to write about.

Enough of losing clients because you procrastinate keeping in touch.

Enough hesitating to send potential clients to your website because your info page isn’t “good enough yet.”

Enough walking in circles revising and re-revising and still feeling insecure about whether it’s “right.”

It’s time to forge a better friendship with words.


P4250016-EditLook, I get it: Writing doesn’t sound like a shiny-thrilling business topic. Not a speck of glitter on this one.

And the source of much red-cheeked fist-shaking in business is that it seems like you always have to learn or buy one more thing.

It feels like going to a nightmarish gym where you’re required to exercise each muscle individually. It does make you stronger, but it takes forever to sweat through all of that. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do something that exercised your whole body all at once?

Writing is that whole-business workout.

Get better at that one thing, and you’ll simultaneously do more successful heavy lifting in:

Wrangling marketing
Churning out website copy
Sending newsletters
Emailing clients
Blogging sessions
Perfecting client information packets
Reaching out to business owners
Sending press releases and handling media

…and just about every other client-converting task that you tend to put off.

I can’t think of another single skill that gives you that kind of return on your investment.


The ability to write memorably and persuasively is – simply put – money in your pocket and time back on your calendar.

I’ve studied persuasive writing for over a decade. I’ve coached business owners as well as successful scholarship, grant, job, and Ivy League university applicants through some of the most competitive writing situations in the world.

And here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling photography or applying for grants or trying to get people to spend money with you online – you can use the same set of strategies every time.

And I would like to pass this toolbox on to you, right here:


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Irresistible Words teaches you everything that you need to know to stand out in a churning sea of competition.

Designed to be enjoyed over four manageable weeks (though you can go at whatever pace you choose – it’s a single download), Irresistible Words will teach you how to deeply connect and quickly persuade clients of your choosing.

This course is designed to be fun and fit into your schedule.

Because I know how this works: You buy an e-course, get all excited…..and then twelve months later, you’re all “Oh hello there, forgotten course….where did you come from again?”

We’ll have none of that. You’re actually going to get this done.

Each lesson has humor, real applications, good stories, and gentle but firm two-handed pushes forward to finish.


This course contains:

Week 1: Fastest Blog In The West

Or, “Writing doesn’t have to take all day.”

This week, you will:

-Master the 20 Minute Blog post

-Connect with readers in just a few words.

-Figure out what you’re going to blog about before you even leave a photoshoot!

-Rack up 9 (count ’em, 9!) no-fail, anti-writer’s-block strategies that get you moving and done.

quill-&-paperWeek 2: The Toolbox

Or, “Jenika throws open her bag of tricks and shows exactly how she writes award-winning, money-earning copy.”

This week, you will:

-Edit your writing as easily as you’d edit a photo.

-Write unforgettable sentences.

-Create fresh paragraphs that don’t sound like you swallowed a thesaurus.

-Lay the foundation for written persuasion, which we’ll need as we head into –


Week 3: Writing to Sell

Or, “How an essay about chickens landed me an all-expenses-paid 8-week trip to Tunisia.”

This week, you will:

-Master three sequences that can sell virtually anything.

-Create information and sales pages that have people dying to book.

-Overcome objections before the client can even raise them.

-Avoid the 2 mistakes that sink your bookings.


Week 4: Magnetic Words

Or, “Make sure people actually read what you just worked so hard to write.”

This week, you will:

-Burst out of the gate with a better way to build and keep an audience

-Fearlessly engage your current audience (even if you post infrequently)

-Drill exactly what to do when you feel like you don’t have anything to say (or feel that you keep repeating yourself)


Or, “These principles aren’t just for websites and blogs.”

We’ll polish off the course by learning:

-How to apply these same principles to marketing pieces & promotions, grant requests, scholarship applications, and pretty much anything else that requires you to stand out from an ocean of alternatives.



Would you like to see what the course is like inside?

In this sample, you’ll learn a subtle-but-sharp technique that keeps people reading, whether you’re writing a blog post, bio, or information page:

Irresistible Words - Writing Help For Photographers



Irresistible Words can be yours today for $249 only $199!  Grab it quick!

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Sure, Irresistible Words might not be for everyone.

If you’re searching for a pre-made, paint-by-numbers approach to writing, you won’t find it here.

I know that some people despise writing, and would rather hire it out or play to other strengths. That’s okay. If the idea of writing truly makes you want to set flame to a pile of pencils and dance around it, I understand. I feel the same way about accounting.

This course IS for people who already understand that some writing is unavoidable, and are tired of not being able to express themselves the way they want to.

Who feel like they’re saying the same things over and over.

Who wish they had the same confidence with a pen as they do a camera.

And who want to write marketing materials that do the work for them, so they can get back to what they love.

Does that sound like you?


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You might be thinking:

But I don’t have time to get better at writing!

To which I say: You don’t have time not to get better at writing.

You already spend time writing. And you’ll probably spend more without this course.

Even if you want your business to be nothing but coffee shop consultations and in-person sales, at some point or another, you’re going to have to persuade someone of something through the written word.

And it’s best if you sit down knowing exactly how you’ll approach it than to throw pens at the ceiling while your time drains away.



Have a question? Oooh, I love questions!

Q. I photograph weddings/children/fashion designers/bunny rabbits, does this course apply to me?

When I taught this course last summer, we had photographers shooting everything from romping pets to editorial weddings.

This course was not designed with any specific kind of photographer in mind. Some of the examples given to illustrate ideas use wedding, pet, or portrait photography, but you can commandeer these tools and use them however you wish.

Q. I am not a photographer at all! Will this help me?

I’ve handed this toolbox to venture capitalists, nonprofits, university faculty job applicants, and more. I have used them myself in everything from running blogs to gaining admission to competitive academic programs. The e-book does use photography as a case study to explain the ideas, but the ideas are by no means limited to photography.

Chances are, if you have ever read and gotten something out of a Psychology for Photographers post, you’re skilled enough to extract principles and use them to your advantage. Go for it!

Q. I’m not a native English speaker, and I write in Czech/Spanish/German/French, will this course help me?

Yes. It will. The book is in English, but you can complete all the exercises in whatever language you choose. Check out the sample chapter above – if you can try that exercise in your language, you will love Irresistible Words!

Q. Jenika, I REAAAALLLLLY don’t have time to do this course right now, but I really want to take it! What do I do?

If something makes your heart leap, there is a reason.  Grab it now, then either pull out your calendar to prioritize it, OR commit to leaving the PDF open on your computer.  Studies show we have more free snatches of our day than we realize – and if we leave good, replenishing things at our fingertips, we’re more likely to pick them up and feel…well, good and replenished.  🙂

Q. Come now – is writing that important? Why did you even write this e-book?

I consider Irresistible Words the most valuable thing Psychology for Photographers will ever release. Ever.

In fact, I covered my eyes as I hit “publish” and sent these tools out into the world, because they’ve given me such an edge in my own life that I’m tempted to hoard them like a greedy writing pirate. But the time has come to pass them on.

This course distills everything I learned from the halls of Yale to the pages of obscure books to grueling private meetings with published authors. I owe much of my own success to the ideas you will find in these pages.

And, most strikingly: Whether you stay in photography forever, fuse it with another business, or transition to another path – YOU WILL TAKE YOUR WRITING WITH YOU. Photoshop actions, templates, props – all are wonderful, but can be transitory, and don’t apply outside the walls of photography.

But writing? You can use it to petition city hall, land yourself a grant, raise support for your favorite cause, advocate for your children, and actively shape the life you want to lead. You will take this course with you. It will never go out of style.

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Q: What if this course doesn’t help me at all and I want a refund?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what education to invest in – you can’t be positive beforehand whether it’s the perfect fit for you. I’m insanely dedicated to making sure that this information helps as many people as possible, so I want you to try it risk-free.

If you download the course, give it a good faith effort by completing a couple of the exercises (yep, because amazing things happen as you do them), and still feel that you aren’t learning a darn thing, send me an email at within 30 days of purchase, with a couple of attempted exercises attached (so I can diagnose any problems for the future), and I will happily refund your money.

Q: If I drop my thumb drive in the toilet and lose my Irresistible Words download, will you send me another copy?

It’s your responsibility to protect your investment. While it would take me hours upon hours to fulfill all such re-download requests (taking time away from writing killer free content for this blog), it will only take you about 60 seconds to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Back this puppy up as soon as you download it! I recommend backing up to at least three places so you’re never without a copy.

Security’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

Q: Can I read and listen on my mobile device?

Yes! Download the .zip file to a computer first, back it up in a safe spot, then transfer the unzipped PDFs to the device of your choosing. Boom!

Q. I have a question you didn’t answer here!

No problem – just send an email to, and we’ll chat! I really want to make sure you know what you’re getting, so don’t be shy.


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Q. I want to say yes and download it right now!

No problem:

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