Woo-hoo! You’re in!

I absolutely, positively, cannot WAIT to get going.

You’ll receive your first Quick Win via email on Monday, June 3rd.

If you’re a planner type, I’ve put the key dates below.

If lists stress you out, just know that you’ll get two emails from me per week with a short lesson or easy assignment, and daily encouragement the final week.

See you in class!

Key Dates:

Win #1: June 3
Win #2: June 5 (short assignment to send to Jenika)
Win #3: June 10
Win #4: June 12
— Q&A  —
Win #5: June 17 (short assignment to send to Jenika)
Win #6: June 20
Win #7: June 24 (you have this whole week to finish your welcome series that we will have mapped out, with daily Q&A so you won’t get a bit behind)

Last Day of Class + Celebration + Prizes: June 28th!

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