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Your Panic Plan: Read Before You Need!

After my grandfather passed away, I found among his things a 1969 Army Field Manual titled: “Survival, Evasion, and Escape.” This curious volume details things a soldier would need to know if they fall behind enemy lines.  Everything from preparing muddy water for drinking, to organizing an escape from enemy transport, to fashioning a needle […]

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You Know How You’re Afraid Of Marketing Because You’re Afraid People Will Be Annoyed? Here’s Your Annoy-Proof Marketing Plan.

So I’m standing there getting whipped by rain and thwapped in the face by a giant map of Vienna, and all I could think was “I couldn’t look more like a tourist.” Having spent a couple summers in the German-speaking world, I generally know how to avoid walking around with a “tourist” bullseye strapped to […]

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The Costs of a Traveling Photographer

You know that awkward re-entry when you get back from vacation, and you take a look at your ‘regular life’ to-do list and think “Um…. I’m supposed to get ALL of this done?  Like, today?” It’s as though you’ve forgotten how to be productive or something. No?  That’s just me? Okay.  Well, I’m still in […]

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Get Whatever You Want Without Arguing: The Magic Words

It’s when a client does something that feels scuzzy. Something that isn’t technically against your contract, but you’re still pushpins-in-your-pants uncomfortable with it. Or when you go buy something at a store, then get home and realize that the coupon (which was the whole reason you bought the item) is still folded neatly at the […]

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Your Daily Guide To A Productive Winter

I couldn’t even tell you what grade I was in.  Just that I was happily skipping along through the list of classroom tasks when I grabbed our daily coloring sheet and saw a map of the United States. “Oh, cool!”  I thought.  “I know exactly what I’ll do with this!”  And I set about coloring […]

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