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P4P_Irresistible-Words_device-array_300x220Irresistible Words

Head banging ends here.  Write better in 30 days.
(Think writing isn’t a priority?  Think about how many marketing, social media, and client tasks you use it for. Then think again.)

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From Portfolio to Profit Engine:
How to Build an Absolutely Irresistible Photography Website

Want to turn your browsers into buyers?  This workshop in an e-book will show you how.

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Business Library Pack

Some things are better together.  Learn to build a website that fits you and your client like a glove, then fill it in with the perfect words that persuade.  (Oh, and you’ll come away knowing how to write a blog post in 20 mins or less.)

Grab the business library pack and save!

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How Clients Make Decisions about Money

Think your clients are “cheap”?  Maybe you need to learn a bit more
about how people drop their cash.

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