Psychology 101

Only Use This Tip For Good. I Mean It.

Here’s the dialogue in a scene from one of my favorite movies. See if you can spot what bugs me about it: —– Kathleen: Do you want the West Side to become one gigantic strip mall? Crowd: No! Kathleen: Do you want to get off the subway at 72nd and Broadway, and not even know…

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Short Winter Task: Create Happier Clients

Business is an awful lot like gardening. (We’ve talked about this before, in fact.) Few things happen immediately.  And if you want corn in the fall, you have to plant it in the spring.  Right now is the slow season for many of you – you’re not in the middle of the “harvesting” of serving…

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The Secret to Setting A Successful Goal

I learned something interesting about change when I studied addiction. One heartbreaking thing about addiction is that people can – for example – do the work to decide not to do drugs anymore, actually stop using, detox, stay clean for awhile – And then an old friend calls unexpectedly, and they relapse back into using. Why?…

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