Psychology 101

The Embarrassment of Procrastination + New Class Announcement

  I sat on my college dorm floor with a set of watercolors, trying to paint a simple Christmas tree.  In my head, I saw a series of elegant green strokes forming a beautiful fir outline.  Guys.  When I started painting, it was like, cartoonishly bad.  Like something you’d see tacked on corkboard strips in…

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The Psychology of Procrastination + How to Finish That Class

The lights glared in my face, but I could still see the couple hundred photographers assembled.  I love that first moment of giving a speech. “How many of you have, on your computer at home, at least one class that you’ve paid for, but haven’t finished?” A collective whoosh as everyone in the room raises…

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Only Use This Tip For Good. I Mean It.

Here’s the dialogue in a scene from one of my favorite movies. See if you can spot what bugs me about it: —– Kathleen: Do you want the West Side to become one gigantic strip mall? Crowd: No! Kathleen: Do you want to get off the subway at 72nd and Broadway, and not even know…

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