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How Your Past “Irrelevant” Work Helps You Land Clients Now

I don’t usually shout during client calls, but I couldn’t believe what she’d just told me. “You spent six years as a kindergarten teacher, and you don’t mention it once on your website?” She blinked.  I laughed.  “Okay, let’s look at your list of worries people have about spending money on a photographer.  What’s at…

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The Two-Part Psychological Trap That Snares Your Marketing

Like most traps, it’s got two halves. The first half:  That the way clients hear something described impacts their desire to have it. Psychologists call this a “framing effect.” For example:  People prefer meat labeled “75% lean” over meat labeled “25% fat.”  Even though either way, you’re getting the same thing. This applies in more…

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An Easy Way To Get Out Of Three Uncomfortable Sales Situations

When you make the leap from “doing something you love” over to “selling something,” you quickly find yourself in uncomfortable situations. When you were taking photos for the fun of it, you could easily walk up to someone and say “hey, can I take your picture?” But feels completely different to say “Hey, can you pay…

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