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The REAL Reason that Canon vs. Nikon Will Never Die

By Jenika | November 3, 2011 |

Want to ensure yourself hours of entertainment? Step One:  Log into any photography forum. Step Two:  Post these words:  “Nikon is better than Canon.”  Or vice versa.  It honestly doesn’t matter. Step Three: Watch the Internet go absolutely berzerk. Posts will be going up at 3am, people will literally lose sleep trying to prove or…

The Backdoor Bonus of Creating a Great Client Experience

By Jenika | October 26, 2011 |

Yesterday we talked about how people are happier spending money on experiences than on “things.”  And when clients are happier, not only have you done your job well, there is also a cool bonus that comes from it: People refer their friends to a great experience more enthusiastically than they will a “thing.” In the…

Is Your Business A Cup of Coffee or A Coffee Shop?

By Jenika | October 25, 2011 |

For a long time, I thought businesses blithely threw around the word “experience” like college students throw around the word “epic.”  (Sorry kids, eating nachos on your roof at 2am is not actually “epic”).  It sounded like one of those meaningless, over-buzzed tagline fillers.  However, the coffee shop industry has proven me wrong.  Taking advantage…

Why Clients Always Want an 8×10: Because We Approach Sales Backwards | Part 2

By Jenika | October 20, 2011 |

In Part I, we talked about the power of familiarity, and the maddening result that clients tend to buy things that they are familiar with (an 8×10) rather than something that they might enjoy more (an eye-catching canvas or album).  We also talked about several ways to increase familiarity with what you sell, and thus…