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Your Blog Should Be More Like Hannibal Lecter. Here’s Why.

The prison gates shut with a reverberating claaang.  Somber violins threaten in the background. Prisoners lurk and grapple against the bars of their cells, following you as you hurry to pass by.  And then, the climactic moment.  The camera whirls around the corner, as if pulled, and shows…. A man, standing serenely in the center […]

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A Neat Trick For Getting Clients To Follow Rules

My college dining hall was a glorious, all-you-can-eat buffet.  Weekend brunches were a particular highlight, when pancakes and quiche and platters of bacon appeared, alongside a row of Belgian waffle makers and a bottomless supply of batter.  I was particularly fond of the waffle makers because they created a giant Yale “Y” in the middle […]

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The Sneaky Thought That Undermines Your Marketing – Get Rid of It, Now!

One of the best parts about writing this blog is that I get to spend a good deal of time with photographers.  Talking with them.  Laughing with them.  Strategizing with them about their brands, and discussing their deepest hopes and dreams in intensive one-on-one sessions.  And let me tell you something I’ve learned: Photographers are […]

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