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Just in case you think I’m making this stuff up…

Earlier this week I posted about showing your clients your products as often as possible from the very beginning.  The goal is to get them as excited about your products as they are about your images. 

Today I got the following email from a reader, which began by quoting a section from that post:

“But if the first time they hear the word “canvas gallery wrap” is in a sales session, don’t be surprised if you’re met with hesitance and resistance.  You have presold them on your images, but not on the way they will display the photos.”  – by you on Jan 25th.

I had planned on posting a standout I printed and hung of my kids in my own home on my personal facebook page.  But after reading your post on the 25th, I decided to post it on my business page and talk about standouts and wall displays and show more details of it.  I’ve already made two additional sales from that post and have a bunch of emails in my inbox asking for more information.  Granted, some are from other photographers, but even that I’ve never had before!”


Woo-hoo!!  Go Traci!!

I swear, I’m not writing this stuff just to fill airtime.  It can actually change what your clients do!   😉

Thanks again for sharing your success story, Traci!  I’m so happy for you.


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  1. Heather on January 28, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    SO true!! I recently met with a couple who were not very excited about the thought of an engagement session (and tried to get me to discount a package by taking it out, which I politely declined, since the E-session is a package freebie), but as we were talking about an old engagement blog post of mine, I pulled out my sample photo guestbook (canvas cover, layflat- designed to be signed yearbook-style) to show off more from that session..

    The bride immediately fell in love with the book. As they flipped through (and she gushed and gushed), I got to explain how the e-session is so important in us getting to know one another and also for them to get the chance to learn how to feel comfortable in front of the lens.

    By the end of the meeting, they were more excited about the e-session and book than I ever was haha!! I thought of your blog post the whole time. 🙂

    Moral of the story is that I need a sample ALBUM from the new company I’m working with, ASAP!! 😀

    • Jenika on January 28, 2012 at 8:52 pm

      Awesome Heather! Thanks for sharing – that’s fantastic that it changed her mind about the session *and* got her excited about the product. Way to go!

      Glad you held your ground on not lowering the price when they wanted to cut the engagement session. I personally refer to such extras as “complimentary” so that it sounds professional, but makes it obvious that refusing it does not mean the price will be lowered. No discounts for not taking the complimentary stuff! 🙂

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