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Thank You


This is the season of gratitude, reflection, and thanks.

Here is what I have to say to you:

Thank you for visiting my corner of the Internet.  It’s a jumbly, noisy place, and I don’t take your attention for granted.

Thanks for taking time to learn more about how people work.  My goal in writing this blog is to help people improve their businesses by treating each other well and understanding how people think.  The fact that you’re here joining in says a lot about you.

Thank you for hanging out with me here and letting me in your inbox.

Thank you for laughing at my lousy jokes.

Thank you for sharing your struggles with me.

Thank you for leaving me thoughtful comments.  I have the best blog readers on the planet, and it shows in the volume and thoughtfulness of the notes people leave.  I see a lot of courtesy, reflection, and kindness in your words, and I appreciate that.  I don’t take any of those qualities for granted on the world wide web.

Thank you for pursuing something bigger than yourself.  For staying up late, getting up early, spending time reading about business when maybe you’d rather read about cats.  Or watch Netflix.  Or waste time on Pinterest.

Thanks for not throwing in the towel.  Or thanks for throwing in the towel on something that doesn’t feel like “you” anymore, and picking up a new towel that does.  Whatever the case may be.

Thank you for wanting to grow, to push, and to not give up on your dream even when it seems like a lot of work.  Even when it IS a lot of work.

I’m so proud to be associated with you.  I want to do my little part to give you ideas and nudges that you can use in whatever it is you want to do.

I hope that we learn a lot of good stuff together in the coming year.

Thanks for being here, and thanks for being you.

With appreciation,



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