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One-On-One Mentoring is Here

The hands-down, thumbs-up best business investments I’ve ever made – of time or money – were mentoring sessions with others.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk you through your own situation.  A sounding board, a brainstorm buddy, someone who can help you unsnarl a knotty problem or help you turn ideas into concrete plans of action.

I spend hours each week writing posts to give you the best of what I’ve learned about psychology and business.  But it’s been with delight and amazement that I’ve receieved mentoring requests from readers who want custom assistance.  I’ve had a blast working side-by-side with them, so without further ado:

Here’s a note from a fellow photographer about her mentoring session with me,

in which we covered everything from business restructuring to promotions and referrals:

“After following the Psychology For Photographers blog, I realized that I had a lot of questions about what my clients would be thinking when I changed some policies in my business. Jenika was able to explain to me in a logical way the answers to my questions. I got a lot out of our conversation. It really helped me clear my mind and move forward in a positive way. Thank you Jenika!”  – A. T.  

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